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Sticker of the Month Club Subscription

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Red circle sticker with angry canada goose hissing and the words "bread riot" in white text behind
Sticker of the Month Club Subscription
Sticker of the Month Club Subscription
A black pug sitting on a hardwood floor behind someone holding a 3 inch black sticker with him lifting his leg to pee on the words "piss on the rich", with the words "the rich" in drippy yellow font
A reflective rectangular sticker with a thick green border and the words "ecosocialist zealot" with a bicycle, a recycling symbol and a tree in place of some of the letters
Stickers that read "free transit" in the shape of a bus with the wheels as handcuffs with the chain breaking
Half empty clear plastic heart-shaped box of chocolates on white background with wrappers and half-eaten chocolates strewn about and three candy heart stickers with "revolution n chill", "join my communist polycule", and "you're a riot" on top of the box.

For $7 per month, shipping included, we will mail you one vinyl sticker via letter mail every month!

In August, we're letting Galen Weston know that the geese have found out what he did to the bread and they're angry...

Subscribe now to get yours before September's sticker is revealed! See examples of the last few month's stickers for an idea of what you're in for with this subscription.

Subscribers will also receive 15% off all orders from the site while they are subscribed.

Note: when you purchase this item, you're signing up to pay $7/month until you cancel. To cancel your subscription, email us at info(at)leftmerch.com

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