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Sticker Mystery Pack

Left Merch

Sale price $12.00 Regular price $15.00
Black "Piss on the rich" sticker featuring pug dog peeing on the words, "this machine argues with fascists'" black and white laptop sticker, black and red "free transit" bus sticker with breaking handcuffs for wheels
Half empty clear plastic heart-shaped box of chocolates on white background with wrappers and half-eaten chocolates strewn about and three candy heart stickers with "revolution n chill", "join my communist polycule", and "you're a riot" on top of the box.
A laptop with one black sticker that has a parasite eating houses with the text "Yeah I can Pay a mortgage - ask my landlord" and another sticker with the old yellow and green CCF maple leaf logo but with the words "make farmers socialist again"
A black rectangle with the words "no gods no masters" in white and "no girl bosses" in pink
A map of canada with the wrinkly tired face wojak on a white background and the words "pharmacase pls" in red text underneath
an open mouth with a black border and black text on the red lips that reads "eat the rich"
A green circle with a 50's style illustration of santa in a gun sight with the words "War on Christmas" on the edges

3 random vinyl stickers for $12!

Get a bunch of randomly-selected stickers that we normally sell for $5, or $7 shipping included as part of our Sticker of the Month Club for a discount of $12 plus shipping ($1.50 for Canadian lettermail or $2.50 for US lettermail)!

See pictures for examples of stickers that may be included.

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