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Liberal, Tory, Same Old Story | Canvas Tote Bag

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Remember when 2015 was going to be the last election under first past the post??

Remember when New Democrats and Greens were screaming from the rooftops that the Liberals would never keep that promise because nobody who isn't a boomer in Ottawa actually *wants* to vote liberal and nobody would if they didn't constantly dangle the threat of conservative boogeymen in our faces?

Do you love making the mildest critique of Trudeau online only to be met with #IStandWithTrudeau stans accusing you of being a conservative troll?

Are you an NDP, Green, Communist, Marxist-Leninist, Rhino Party, Independent, etc. - NOT PPC - voter?

Stuff your canvassing clipboard into this spacious and sturdy tote bag, and go fight back against ABC fear-mongering!

Just a heads up, these bags are a thinner quality than our current eat the rich bags. This is the model we used to use, but we upgraded, hence the discount.

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