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Honk for Public Transit bumper sticker

Honk for Public Transit bumper sticker

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Conspiracy theories are becoming more and more mainstream, and while most of them are ridiculous and often antisemetic in origin, sometimes they're just real historic events that don't get corporate media coverage. 

If you tried to tell someone that General Motors successfully conspired to replace Los Angeles' streetcar network with their own buses and car-centric infrastructure, you'd probably be met with an eye roll and potentially an intervention about how you're taking the ground-breaking 1988 live action/animated fantasy comedy mystery film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" starring Bob Hoskins too seriously and it's making everyone at your grandma's funeral uncomfortable. 

This bumper sticker is 9x2 inches of durable waterproof glossy vinyl.

It says "Honk if you'd rather be using reliable, well-funded public transit but instead you're stuck in traffic  because the automobile and oil industries have used their undue influence on public policy and urban design to reshape our urban environments to make it impossible to survive without a car, as depicted in the classic 1988 fantasy comedy mystery film. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit, starring Bob Hoskins"

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