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Holiday Card Trio

Holiday Card Trio

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It's the holiday season and you know what, we thought we'd get in on it this year- we're printing off a bunch of spicy holiday cards

The cards are 4x6 inches and come with an envelope.

He's Making a List- Elf Spy Surveillance Dystopia.

I don't know if your Facebook feed looks anything like mine but it feels like the people who are constantly fear-mongering about a sOcIaL CrEdiT system seem to have no problem indoctrinating their children with Elves on Shelves. 

Outside Front: A chaotic college of CCTV cameras and festive items and one menacing and the face of Santa Claus' surveillance state.

Outside Back: A popup window asking you to approve the use of cookies


"He's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who was googling "communist manifesto audiobook" and what their intentions are. Happy Holidays"


War on Christmas Draft Card

You've heard the joke, well you know what? Santa is kind of a POS and he deserves to face justice. So, on behalf of the people united, we've declared war and you have to come help us.

Outside Front: Santa Clause in the sights of a rifle and text reading "War on Christmas Draft Letter" on a snow-dusted pine forest.

Outside Back: a snow-dusted pine forest.


"ATTN: _________

War has been declared on Christmas.

You will be sent to liberate the elves
living under the yokE of the Claus Regime.

We do so in defiance of his backing
from the Coca-Cola company and the
United States Government.

You have 24 hours to report to ANTIFA HQ
for deployment to the North Pole.

Seasons Greetings"

Deviant Rudolf: A Lesson in Capitalism

*Yes there's a typo in one of the mockups but it's been fixed! 

Why is every holiday story and tradition so insidious? I kind of wish just for once, a Rudolf-based story would end with him telling Santa to eat shit and then moving to Sweden for university. 

Outside Front: Text reading "Deviation from the norm will be punished unless deemed profitable and a black and white image of Rudolf

Outside Back: A smaller image of the abominable snowman and the text reading "Manufactured fear of the unknown ensures compliance" 


Black and white photo of Rudolf and the dentist elf with a caption that reads

"Happy Holidays you little deviant"

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