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Bread & Roses Pattern Tote Bag

Bread & Roses Pattern Tote Bag

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Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses too.

Finally, a Left Merch™ product you can safely wear among the not-yet-radicalized.

"What a lovely floral print! Are you baking a lot these days?" your mother will say. 

"Thank you for finally obeying our company dress code." your HR department will say.

"Why is that poem on your bag talking about bread? I know we all got really into sourdough over the pandemic but..." your co-workers will say. That of course is when you pull out the songbook, and voila - another comrade radicalized!

This sturdy tote bag is the perfect holiday gift for the union salter in your workplace. What better way to thank them than by saying "Comrade, I appreciate your efforts to win us not only a survival wage, but a true livable wage, benefits, and safe working conditions so that we may truly live!"

Side 1 says:

As we go marching, marchingIn the beauty of the dayA million darkened kitchensA thousand mill lofts gray
Are touched with all the radianceThat a sudden sun disclosesFor the people hear us singingBread and roses, bread and roses


Side 2 says:

Our lives shall not be sweetenedFrom birth until life closesHearts starve as well as bodiesGive us bread, but give us roses

***This is an updated design with some lyrics added from the song/poem because just having bouquets of bread and roses turned out to be too subtle...***

The picture on the bench is of the old design but it'll look pretty similar, just imagine that with words, like in the mock-ups.

This is the same bag as the Communist Propagandia tote, just with a different pattern.

The bag will comfortably fit:

- Your laptop

- Several overpriced textbooks

- A large capitalist "melon" ;)

Many thanks to comrade Megan Toompuu for so beautifully illustrating the bouquets. 

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