We're cut off from the rest of the country by land! Expect shipping to be fucked! Sorry!


Are your garments ethically sourced?

Our t-shirt supplier is "Vancouver"-based printer Pressing Matters. They’re not unionized, but it’s a team of only 3 people.

The blanks are either Gildan or ATC, and while they each make their own claims about ethical manufacturing, they are still mass production giants who profit off of undervalued labour overseas. We're not going to pretend otherwise and we don't expect you to either, and if you decide that buying something mass-produced in Bangladesh doesn't meet your ethical standards, we really can't blame you. 

The reason we do this is because Canadian manufacturers are much more expensive and require more up-front investment, which we are unable to do currently. We started this business with the leftovers from our CERB cheques, and while we have an awesome dedicated customer base who keeps coming back for more when we release new stuff, we are still very much in the hole and not likely to climb out any time soon. We only have the ability to order small batches of products at a time, and the order minimums of most Canadian manufacturers are not remotely within reach for us. 

We would love to climb out of the hole and grow to a point where we can switch to a better source for blanks and that is the goal, but it's pretty far off. If you know of a more ethical clothing manufacturer with lower order minimums, please do reach out to us, but they have to be really low - like REALLY low...

For the Communist Propagandia bag and the leggings, we use Quebecois direct-to-garment manufacturer, Art of Where. The reason we only use them for these products is because of the printing process. Basically they print the design directly on the fabric and then sew it. It really only works for all-over prints and isn't as precise when you want a design to be centered, like with most of our t-shirts. 

Now we do have 100% control over the assembly of our buttons, which are produced in a unionized shop called "our living room". The boss is lazy asshole who refuses to wear pants, but he's asleep on the job most of the time anyway.

The Boss is Dog, a pug who is asleep on my knee

Who’s profiting?

Not Jeff Bezos. And definitely not us yet...or any time soon, realistically. 

Why are you doing this?

It’s about visibility. Listen, we probably all have a terrible uncle with a mustard stained “Tru-No” shirt/bumper sticker and now we're here to fill the voracious demand for ridiculous leftist merch. Activists and politicians are too busy trying to save our dying planet to make dumb crop tops so we’re trying running this shop.

And let's face it, there are few joys in life when you're constantly fighting for the rights of trans-racial fish-people, to ban private cars and toothbrushes, and trying to elect mothman prime minister of Canada. We just want to bring some modicum of joy into the lives of our overworked and under-appreciated comrades.

Where are you Located?

Not Russia. Unceded occupied territories of the Coast Salish peoples: the mi ce:p kʷətxʷiləm (Tsleil-Waututh), Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish), and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) nations. Or east van if ur dirty ;)

What are your political views?

The last season of Game of Thrones should have been longer. Ride or Die NDP but we're absolutely communist sympathizers and identify as eco-socialists. Kropotkin is a rad dude.


How does pre-ordering work?

To launch the store, we're starting with one product to gauge interest. When you pre-order, you'll pay up-front, and when pre-orders are closed August 12, we'll start sending out the orders. 

Think of this like a kickstarter - if we get enough interest, we can put out more designs and products. We're also looking at other printing options that are more expensive but feature recycled PET polyester and/or organic cotton. 


Is this a Russian bot scam?

We may be Russian bots (Am I a bot? How would I know?), but this is definitely not a scam. Once the pre-order phase is done and we actually have some new merch in our hands, we'll add actual pictures to the current mock-ups. 

We have actually done this before - not the legitimate online store part, but we did get a bunch of shirts printed in the fall of 2019 and sold them out of boxes under our campaign office desks. And when the good people of Beauce, QC said no to assman, we ended up with a bunch of no-longer relevant shirts with Maxime Bernier's face crossed out. That's why we're doing the pre-order phase. We don't want to end up with a bunch of Antifa Super Soldier shirts if no one wants to buy them because they're too scared of getting attacked by QAnon conspiracy theorists. 

Two grown women selling joke shirts at a poorly attended flea market organized by one of them.
See? Actual people (or really high quality sentient robots) wearing matching pants and selling actual shirts!