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Party Hack Button Pack

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Party Hack Button Pack
Party Hack NDP 1.5 Inch Putton Pack. New Democratic Party themed Satirical Campaign Buttons. Jack Layton "It Can Probably Still Be done" Jagmeet Singh "Shameless Party Shill" New Democrat Pin "Shut the Fuck Up Tom" Tom Mulclair Pin. "We Didn't Lose As Badly As Expected" Election Pin. Packaging is covered in common NDP phrases"  Such as 'Remember the Orange Wave" "338 Canada is just astrology for liberals" "We can win in Quebec this time" and "75% tax credit"

Listen, we realize you probably have a literal bucket of buttons because you're an unapologetic partisan party shill. Liberal twitter hates you, but deep down in your heart, you know that one day the New Democratic Party is gonna finally be the 3rd party again.

Created by one of the shilliest shills on the Canadian internet, this pack of buttons truly encapsulates the pragmatic optimism of the long time dipper party hack.

1.5-inch buttons- 

"It Can Probably Still Be Done" - Jack Layton Memorial Pin

"Shameless Party Shill" Jagmeet Singh Stan Pin 

"We Didn't Lose" Victoryish pin 

"Shut the Fuck Up Tom" Tom Mulcair Pin 


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