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"Union +hugs" Unisex Grey and Navy T-Shirt PREORDER

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Heathered grey t-shirt with navy blue baseball style logo with crossed bats and cursive text reading "union thugs" and "est. 1886" underneath all against a deep blue background
Your cool aunt who works as a union organizer with pink hair and sunglasses wearing a denim jacket and a grey teeshirt that has crossed baseball bats and the words "union thugs est 1886" like baseball team logo
"Union +hugs" Unisex Grey and Navy T-Shirt PREORDER

 There is aught we hold in common with the greedy parasite, which is why for this union propaganda we're ditching our usual t-shirt supplier and working with Valu Co-op. Inspired by a mythical t-shirt our good friend saw at a CLC conference a decade ago, we bring you a fun and vaguely threatening nod to labour history and the Haymarket Affair.

Is being a union thug so bad? Statistically, it's pretty lucrative and fulfilling. You should try it, especially if you work at Amazon, Uber or Donnelly Group. But I digress, this is what you need to know about the preorder:

Okay so yes this shirt is $40 but I'd argue that if you're really a union thug you're probably making union dollars and it's in the realm of possibility. Also, just FYI we have free shipping over $75 on right now so if you wanna buy some other crap at the same time it'll be worth your while.

If we get at least 20 pre-orders by November 25, we will put in the order for the shirts and it will likely take a few weeks after that for the shirts to be printed and for the orders to go out.

If not, all orders for this product will get refunded, and I guess we'll know that not enough people want to pay $40 for a silly t-shirt.

This is a case where you get to literally vote with your dollar. If you support this change, please show us by placing a pre-order!

And if you support this change but can't afford to buy a $40 t-shirt yourself, consider sharing it with folks you think would be interested?

Read our blog post that gets into more of the details of why we're doing this here!

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