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Left Merch SorosBux Gift Card

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Left Merch SorosBux Gift Card

A few weeks ago the team behind Left Merch received an email from our landlord notifying us we’re getting renovicted on January 1st. We have every intention to fight this eviction and/or be dragged out kicking and screaming by the bailiff. We'll be keeping our supporters updated as we move through the legal process.

This is our home, this is our workspace, but according to the law it is first and foremost some rich asshole’s safety deposit box. Now that he's cashing in, we're going to be totally at the mercy of the notoriously expensive Vancouver housing market.

One of the reasons that we have the capital buy thousands of dollars of stock for the website at a time is that our rent is relatively cheap. We’ve been doing well and our little revolutionary t-shirt co-op will continue to thrive into 2021.

Buying stock for the Christmas shopping season is going to be really rough not totally knowing of our rent will double before we break even on our orders. So we’re introducing gift cards to help us secure the capital needed to keep buying stock.

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