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Guilloteeth Leggings | Guillotine Houndstooth High-Quality Spandex Leggings

Left Merch

Sale price $40.00 Regular price $55.00
Woman sprawled casually on concrete steps wearing black and white guillotine hounds tooth pattern leggings and face mask with a black spooky democratic socialism t-shirt
Person wearing black and white guillotine hounds tooth pattern leggings in front of a depiction of the French revolution featuring a guillotine and a man holding a severed head from the ruling class
Black and white guillotine hounds tooth print closeup
Size chart

Have you been looking for something slightly threatening to wear to:

  • Your Amazon warehouse job
  • A romantic dinner at a Donnelly Group restaurant
  • Shopping at a Loblaws/Overwaitea subsidiary
  • Your local city council meeting
  • To greet your landlord when they come over for an inspection
  • Yoga

Are you an anti-capitalist but also still into ska? Boy do we have the perfect pants for you!


These leggings are entirely produced in Montreal, QC by a company called Art of Where. Because they're made custom in Canada, they're a little more expensive than the average legging, but the average legging isn't covered in guillotines is it??

This unfortunately also means we can't offer sizes larger than XL because they don't offer them yet. For more specifics on sizing, please refer to the chart.


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