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Election Party Hack Bundle

Left Merch

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Election Party Hack Bundle

Look, whether you like it or not Trudeau just made a play date with the governor-general. Do you know what that means? We're all getting good quality time with our sign guys. 

It's the perfect pack for being the obnoxious hack of your friend group that won't stop talking about first past the post or bribing volunteers to canvas in the rain.

It's $54.50 dollar value pack for $40 bucks. 

One Canvas Liberal Tory Same Old Story bag

One Paty Hack Pack 

One Pharmacare Please Vinyl sticker

One Timmy the Toof Dental Care Sticker 

One Will the Pill Pharma Care sticker 

One Free Transit Sticker 

One Liberal Tory Same Old Story Sticker 

The Non-Partisan Pack has all the other stuff, sans Party Hack Pack

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