Why We Changed Our Spooky Shirt

Why We Changed Our Spooky Shirt


The Left Merch and proto-Left Merch vision has always been propaganda, starting a conversation and normalizing leftist ideas through satire. It's all just wearable memes and t-shirt-micro-theory. This website may have been born out of our extra CERB (nobody tell the National Post), but the spicy t-shirts started almost a year earlier but we actually started making t-shirts to sell at a one off flea market fundraiser for our local tenants union.

In August 2019, Mariah had fired up designer, picked a font and we had a 2 minute text conversation about whether if the word "Democratic" needed to be there. This shirt's joke was mocking how scary people find the concept of socialism, and it was easier to do that by telling the normies that democracy is inherently part of socialism. 

We had decided to soften Spooky Socialism just a bit, purely in the interest of facilitating conversations with ze lumpin' proletariat and future comrades.

In the 2.5 years since we started this, the larger leftist community has made massive leaps and bounds in the area of undoing the legacy of the reactionary red scare on the so-called-west. Activists, Left Tok, BreadTube and the leftist meme mill out-paced us and we decided to remove the redundancies starting in a few weeks when Spooky Socialism restocks.

Until we sell out, spooky Dem-Soc are on $ALE and Spooky Socialism are on pre-order until they restock by the end of January.

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