Top 13 Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Gifts for Leftists

Top 13 Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Gifts for Leftists

1. There's a Special Place in Hell for Girlbosses T-shirt from The Ones We Love

Margret Thatcher was a Girl Boss and is in hell warming a seat for Hillary Clinton and every other white feminist Girl Boss your federal Liberal or Democrat coworker is stanning at the moment. 

I really, really wish we made this t-shirt. 

There's a Special Place in Hell for Girlbosses T-shirt

2. Punch Nazis Keychain by RadicalButtons1

Every woman whos been alive knows the old "keys through the knuckles" trick for walking through a parking garage at night. Together we can ensure that nazis are just as terrified as we are with this "Punch Nazis" pink heart keychain from Etsy seller RadicalButtons1 in Victoria, BC!

Punch Nazis Heart Keychain by RadicalButtons1


3. Kill Your Masters Sweatshirt from Wicked Clothes

Aside from just being an awesome design, this sweatshirt will remind you and everyone on your Monday morning work Zoom call that the VP of Marketing may technically be your "boss" but you'll look at the spreadsheet when you want to look at the spreadsheet!

Kill Your Masters Sweatshirt Wicked Clothing


4. Working Class T-shirt from No Gods No Masters Co-op

When the family is gathered 'round the fireplace for the traditional leftist holiday activity of singing from the IWW Songbook, it's time to pull out this gift for your gamer brother/cousin/grandma. 

No Gods No Masters Working Class T-shirt "defeat your final boss, organize your workplace"


5. Communist Propagandia Yoga Tote Bag from Left Merch

Oh look, it's a product from - the very same website you're currently on! What a coincidence! 

This is a perfect gift for anyone that falls in that common intersection of people interested in yoga activewear brands and people really into communist/anarchist theory! 

4. Stardance Mug from The NTVS

If you think that Starbucks not having adequate Christmas iconography caused a lot of conservative men crying hot tears on FB live from the seat of their Dodge Ram, imagine the fuss you'll kick up with this beautiful travel mug!

Stardance Mug from The NTVS
5. Soviet Cat - Defeat the Fascist Snake Poster from Nathan Nun
Honestly the only thing keeping me from ordering from Nathan Nun in Toronto is that I desperately want the whole Soviet Cat series and I have neither the money nor the wall space for all of them and it breaks my heart. 
Soviet Cat - Defeat the Fascist Snake Poster from Nathan Nun
6. No Cops No Prisons Patch from Munea Wadud
This patch from Munea Wadud in Ottawa is the perfect gift for your friend who has been consistently calling into city council meetings to bully the mayor about the police budget. 
No Cops No Prisons Patch from Munea Wadud
7. Defund the Police Sticker from Little Valentine Co.
Yet another rad artist from Ottawa?? Has Ottawa started to suck less lately?? What is going on???
Defund the Police Sticker from Little Valentine Co.
8. Sisters Leading the Way 2.0 T-shirt from Chippewar
Toronto-based Indigenous illustrator Jay Soule sells the perfect shirts to wear when you go stand 2 meters away from your grandpa while he rails on about "those people" who keep blocking roads and railways...
Sisters Leading the Way grey t-shirt with indigenous woman with turquoise face paint by Chippewar
9. Organize Chicken Run Pin Badge from HauntYourHouse
Okay I tried to keep this list closer to home since most of our fans are in Canada but when I saw this pin from HauntYourHouse in the UK... I lost it. CHICKEN RUN IS THE BEST UNION PROPAGANDA OF ALL TIME OK???
Organize Chicken Run Pin Badge from HauntYourHouse
10. Marx & Rihanna Tote Bag from tshirtphilosophique
We love a cross-over, especially this one from Etsy seller tshirtphilosophique in Montreal. Britney Spears and Rihanna are the preeminent marxist philosophers of our generation - don't @ us!!
Marx and Rihanna work work work tote bag
11. Garlic's Sad Day Children's Picture Book by Sydnie A. Douglass (SADartworks)
Of course a goal of the left is to start the brainwashing at an early age by encouraging children to be in touch with their emotions and know that being sad sometimes is okay! This super cute introduction to mental health for kids by Halifax artist Sydnie A. Douglass is the perfect way to create the next generation of soy boys!
Garlic's Sad Day Children's Picture Book
12. ACAB Gold Hoop Earrings from RiotKitty
Imagine dramatically removing these earrings to kick somebody's ass and instead of some coward calling the pigs, they call a non-violent mediator and they tell you they love you. You're married now, you have a union pension and 3 beautiful children, Trotsky, Celine and Spike. 
ACAB Gold Hoop Earrings from RiotKitty
13. Antifa Super Soldier T-shirt from Left Merch
Your grandma was right. The mainstream media with their iPhones and their communist propaganda got to you and you're in ANTIFA now. Basic training in the beet fields of Siberia starts on Tuesday! Buy a t-shirt for all her grandkids to let the deep state know you're on the same team.
Tattooed bearded brocialist guy with a blue baseball hat looks directly into the camera wearing an army green antifa super soldier t-shirt and leaning against a rusty white wall
BONUS: SorosBux Gift Card from Left Merch
Finally, if you're a procrastinator like the rest of us and it's now too late for anything to be shipped in time for your non-denominational gender-neutral holiday of choice or obligation, a SorosBux gift card is the way to go! Grandma will love the opportunity to choose between an Antifa Super Soldier t-shirt and a Communist Propagandia yoga tote bag!
Left Merch SorosBux Gift Card
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