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TC (TransCanada) Energy vs. Trans Mountain

Mariah Gillis

Finally, some trans representation in this bracket!

TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada, is responsible for the Coastal Gas Link pipeline that Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs are denying consent for. They were also behind the Keystone XL pipeline that Jason Kenney has been crying about since Uncle Joe was elected. Overall, they operate or have shares in 23 different pipelines in Canada, the US and Mexico. 

They also have shares in Bruce Power, which includes the largest operating nuclear energy plant in the world. (Cue a 200 comment-long thread argument about whether nuclear energy is the future of sustainable power or the end of civilization.)

Trans Mountain is another one pissing off Indigenous nations in BC with its insistence that a leaky pipeline will be good for their ancestral lands, actually.

The crown even went so far as to send Stacey Gallagher, an indigenous man to jail for 3 months for holding a prayer ceremony on their property.

It's also a fun one because since Kinder Morgan sold it to the feds, voting for this is like voting for the government! And if we go by the completely arbitrary rules we used for the other companies, we can count the sins of the parent company as part of the competitor's rap sheet! So be sure to take into account hundreds of years of colonialist genocide, countless freebies and tax breaks to everybody else in this competition, cutting funding to the CMHC for social housing for the past 40 years, etc.


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