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Resource List- Raffle

Megan Milton

We ended up coming to the decision to not suck the air out of the initial reactions to the mass grave found this week in Kamloops. We wanted to allow Indigenous people time and space to talk about it without clogging up twitter with our settler hot takes. Ultimately even though we’ve been explicit about being an independent propaganda operation, nobody wants to hear from a brand account in the midst of a tragedy. 

However, consider this our statement: this isn’t “History” or the catholic church or something we’ve progressed past. It's Canada, since settlers set foot on this land and to the second you read this, this horrific legacy is continuing and Indigenous children are still dying at the hands of our state.

We have a standing policy at Left Merch that if there is profit to be gained from Indigenous or Black movements we just don’t. We do however want to use our platform to raise money and awareness when we can. Tokenizing Indigenous creators or tragedies to drive traffic to our website through donating proceeds feels wrong when there are lots of indigenous run websites selling apparel you could be supporting in response. We’ve landed on a fundraising option that we feel doesn’t self promote our work, or suck up the air. 

We’re going to do a raffle for a $50 gift card to our shop. Colonialism isn’t just affecting residential school survivors, it’s in every facet of our society and for that reason, we will accept any donation to indigenous organization, land defender support organization, therapy or mutual aid fund. For every $10 we’ll put your name in the hat one time.

On Friday we’ll draw it. Feel free to share the post so we can raise as much money as possible but we’re not trying to farm engagement so you can get the word out any way you would like. 

Here is a point form and expanding list of places you should give money: 

Indian Residential School Survivor Society

Indigenous Press Freedom Legal Defence Fund 

Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society - New Friendship Centre

First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

Email us Info (at) or DM us on social media if you have other suggestions.

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