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Postmedia vs. Quebecor

Megan Milton

Have you asked yourself, "Is Brian Mulroney dead? He's got to be dead. What's he doing now?" Well, he's on the board of one our contenders today in the


What happens when every small town in Canada is fed the exact same talking points, dreamed up in an office in Ontario or Quebec? Angry Uncles that's what, an army of people who believe they are getting a balanced, multifaceted view on the world but in fact are reading the same repackaged shit. Then having the AUDACITY TO TELL ME THAT PRESS PROGRESS AND JACOBIN ARE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA, I SWEAR TO GOD UNCLE GORD I WILL SLASH YOUR TIRES

~~~deep breath~~~~

Postmedia is destroying the very fabric of political reality in Canada.

The process of monopolizing media isn't outright censorship but it sure as fuck isn't that free speech conservatives are always crying about. The CEO of Postmedia Andrew MacLeod knows this, because in October 2019 he called a meeting and told National Post editors the publication was “insufficiently conservative.” (Once again we're just gonna directly link to Canadaland because they're good at journalism and we are a literally a t-shirt brand.)

But what is worse than all of that is that Postmedia is mostly American. If I told "Uncle Gord" that a Chinese company created a hedge fund and was buying up local papers to push a communist agenda, and Justin Trudeau enthusiastically allowed it to happen he would be unconsolably angry. But that's what basically what happened, just American. Steven Harper allowed the New York-based GoldenTree Asset Management to create a conservative propaganda machine that is very effectively pulling Canada to the right. 

Also Postmedia bought all the Sun Media's English papers from Quebecor in 2014, making them responsible for Sue-Ann Levy, Tarek Fatah, Christie Blatchford, and all Sun's terrible columnists.

Qubecor is kinda doing the same thing, but en français and so much worse.

I got kind of nauseous reading Canadaland's breakdown of xenophobia coming out of Qubecor. For years now I've been casually following the rise of what feels a lot like French ethno-nationalism in Quebec. I saw the mosque shooting on TV, I've been reading about the religious garments laws and I never once thought to hard about why it's gotten so bad there. I guess until this exact moment I thought it was a spontaneous manifestation or that 911 propaganda just doing really well in the microclimate, but I've never seen Postmedia complain about a white nationalist's sentence being too long. 

Quebecor is home to Silvio Berlusconi Lite, CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau. PKP, as he is known to the Quebs, quit running the company to chase politics with the PQ in 2014 and became party leader in 2015. When he quit politics in 2016 and returned to Quebecor, the company's shares had risen 70% during his time with the Péquistes. He is now worth $2 Billion.

Good luck trying to be critical of PKP or Quebecor in Quebec, especially if you're a francophone unable to escape with your career to somewhere with a media landscape not controlled by basically one guy with thin skin.

Ironic that it was a staunch separatist who launched Sun News Network, the attempted Fox News of Canada, and who I blame for my grandma's irrational hatred of Justin Trudeau, who has plenty of rational reasons for you to hate him. Will I ever forgive Quebecor for forcing Ezra Levant onto our collective eyeballs? No, but the fact that it lead to one of the best burns of all time may just have been worth it.

Mark Critch tweet: @ezralevant yes you quit Sun News, but then again Ezra, didn't we all quit Sun News? As a nation, I mean.

I don't know what else to say. I hate Postmedia with a fiery passion but are they stoking up xenophobia and being nazi apologists bad? 

Instead of a lengthy list of scandals that honestly can't top "Funded by a foreign hedge fund" and "Literally supporting ethno-nationalism and getting away with it"

I will instead link a list of cool progressive news outlets.

Tyee - BC-based and a personal favorite

Canadaland- They report on media and if you've read this blog you will understand why that's important

Rabble.ca- National coverage

Press Progress - National and spicy as hell

Medicine Hat News- Alberta-based and maybe the only paper in the prairies critical of Jason Kenney.

Jacobin - US-based but covers Canada

Briarpatch Magazine - Like Maclean's but not terrible.

Halifax Examiner - A news outlet in the Maritimes not owned by the Irvings or Saltwire?? Their coverage of the NS shooter and the police coverup is A+.

Walking Eagle News - Not real news but follow them on twitter because they are truly a gift

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