the "don't demovict me bro" sticker held up with the in real life house in the background

Housing Update: We're losing it.

We've managed to fight off 3 or 4 eviction scares in this house but those of you who follow us on tiktok know this already but we're losing our housing for real this time and there's no weaseling out of it. The worst part of being a politically minded person is you lose your ability to see shitty things happening to you as bad luck. This is Vancouver developers are flipping the entire city house by house, unit by unit and it won't end without severing the ties between government and the real estate industry. Check out this round up of all the leaches in parliament and the legislature.

People who've followed us a long time know that the Left Merch deep cut is that we met in the Vancouver Tenants Union- and that this entire business sprouted out of a flea market fundraiser we organized. The deeper cut is that we started the business in ernest after I wound up crashing in Mariah's dining room when an eviction left me temporarily homeless in the first few weeks of the pandemic. Yeah, this ain't my first rodeo and it won't be my last either.

Getting evicted is a logistical nightmare, and it's traumatic but when you understand every aspect of why you're fucked and the names and job titles of all the people who aren't helping you it's enough to make you want to walk out to into the ocean to die like a sailor's widow. Seriously, we're both in horrible shape and can't see it ending even after we find a place to live because our rent is about to go up by at least 40%. ALAB

All of that means this business suddenly has to move from being a quirky hobby for us to an actual business. I cannot stress enough how we are are only rising and grinding under extreme duress. There's not a lot of scaling we can do because at least 4/10 online commies are three feds in an anime avatar. So we're looking for stockists for our products and various partnerships. So hit us up if you know a rad small business who'd be open to buying bulk orders of our crap and/or acting as pick up locations for orders in major cities in Canada. 

Anyway, gonna go cry and look at listings now

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